Kamyab Institute Of Medical Sciences | Disciplinary Committee & Action
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Disciplinary Committee & Action

KIMS Discipline Committee

1. Principal
2.  Student Coordinator
3.  One member from administration

KIMS Disciplinary Action

1. Minor infraction / Offences

Include punctuality irregularities absenteeism defamation of the profession, breaking rules and damage of property etc.
2. For Minor Infractions

Three written warning will be issued. If there is no improvement then the case will be treated as an infraction.
3. Major infraction / Offences

Include theft, misconduct, strides, insolence in politics, and unethical attitude with patients, addiction and suicide attempts medication errors. Cheating in examination, sex abuse and drug abuse etc.

4. For Major Offences

The disciplinary committee will adopt the following procedure.
I. Inquire statement of allegation.
II. Warning letter.
III. Termination from the education or black listed.