Kamyab Institute Of Medical Sciences | Rules And Regulations
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Rules And Regulations

KIMS encourages freedom of thoughts

The KIMS encourages freedom of thoughts and expression regarding students matters. Every student is however, expected to obey and abide the rules and regulation of the institute mentioned as under.

a. Attendance in the theory practical and job training periods is essential students should be present for whole day otherwise he will be marked absent.
b. 85% attendance is mandatory to become eligible for the appearing in the annual examination.
c. If a student fails to secure 85% attendance in one calendar year he/she will not be allowed to appear in annual examination.
d. Leave applications are not only accounted for the purpose of attendance, but are also necessary for information about health/Where about of student. These should be logged with students suction in the office.
e. A student whose record shows 10 days continuous absencefrom lecture including demonstration and job training without any information his/her name will be stuck off the institution without any notice with information to parents.
f. A student will not be granted more than 5 days leave at a time however principal can grant more in case of emergency.
g. Leave application must be submitted 3 days prior from date availing leave.

h. Student going on leave must seek prior permission from the hostel warden in case if they are residing in hostel and in-charge hostel.
i. The student is required to submit his/her leave address and telephone number on the leave application without number which the application will not be entertained.
j. Short leave is no admissible to students. In case of emergency ill health the student well report to class in-charge.
k. Who students does not wear proper uniform will be fined 150/day and will be marked absent from class.
l. Students staying in the hostel will abide the prescribed rules.

m. Students are not allowed to visit the canteen, hospital or any other unrelated department during the class/ training.
n. Students are not allowed to use any narcotic drugs in case of suicidal attempt in institute/hostel administration will not be responsible.
o. The institute and hostel fee must be submitted be the 10 th of each month otherwise it will charged fine 50/day. After 15 th the student will have to pay admission fee again.
p. The security deposited at the time of admission is not refundable of the candidate will leave the institute him/herself.
q. Student terminated with charge of misconduct will not be eligible for admission in any course in KIMS and  security and admission money will not be refundable.
r. Every student is liable to return the issue books to librarian after 15 days.